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Hello. I am a salesman. I come from a company in the Mall in Gadong. My name is Ali MUadz. I come to sell a watch: The Ben10 watch.

This watch has white stripes, green and gray lines with overall black. The product is for children who are 3 to 10 years old. The cost is $25. It is from China and is copied from Cartoon Network. When we buy the toy it good for our children.

The function of this toy is have a sound effect a light colour like red green and yellow. It has a small battery and has a switch on or off. This toy made up a plastic and a rubber. If we buy this toy you will have twp watches for one box.

If you buy it, you will get a price. The prize for the toy is a transformer mask and a medium sized gun. The function of the gun is have a sound vibrate and have a light.


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